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Power Up Your 
Climate Leadership

Green Takeover helps multinationals strengthen their climate foundation and drive collaborative action.

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Net zero starts with upskilling

Unleash your organization's full potential by fostering an energetic culture of sustainability that captivates and motivates your employees, maximizing your collective influence.

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Boost Climate
Upskilling and
Capacity Building

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Achieve Sustainable Trasformation


Green Takeover offers a complete range of learning-for-action programs and experiences to turn your team into a collaborative powerhouse of innovation, efficiency, and collective success.

Engage your full ecosystem

Inform. Inspire. Ignite

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Carbon Literacy Certifications

Infuse foundational knowledge that creates a common language and elevates collective competency – recognizing Carbon Literacy as a core competency for business success in our changing world.

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Climate PlayLab Experience

Unite your team around practical collective action throughi a series of carefully designed games. Engaging teams, customers, communities, board members, and vendors too to reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

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Takeover Action Toolkits

Our toolkits are designed to help professional teams take action on climate change by providing them with the necessary relevant resources and guidance to implement sustainable practices. 

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Trusted by innovators across industries

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Ready to get started?

Carbon Literacy Certification

"Everyone is going to need to understand [climate change] the same way you’d assume everyone in business needs to have some fluency in social media today, or that everyone would be able to use a computer 20 years ago."

–Andrew Winston

Carbon Literacy transforms learners from actors to active participants in driving net zero solutions through the lens of their discipline and unique areas of expertise.

Certified professionals acquire the knowledge, skills, and motivation to lower their carbon footprint, with typical realized carbon savings of 5-15% per person

The Climate PlayLab

An immersive and engaging 4-hour activation event expertly designed to challenge and inspire participants to make climate conversations both relevant, actionable, and fun.

The Climate PlayLab makes climate conversations relevant and personal. It empowers participants to take action within their position, profession, and sphere of influence.


Whether you're looking to engage your team in a retreat or team-building activity, the Climate PlayLab offers an interactive and enjoyable way to learn about the urgent issue of climate action.

Takeover Action Toolkits

Practical guides, strategies, and simulations tailored to your sector and organization, helping your team reduce carbon emissions and implement greener practices.

Climate action is personal and unique to each professional and organization. Takeover toolkits offer resources and guidance for implementing sustainable practices tailored to the challenges and opportunities faced by each team.

Ask us about our Low(er) Carbon Guides, Communication Tools, and digital interactives, the Green Takeover offers a comprehensive set o

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