Economic Empowerment Through Climate & 
Hemp Education

We help simplify the complex world of climate change, showcase solutions at your fingertips, and demonstrate why hemp is a perfect partner to accelerate and enhance climate action. 

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Projects Sparking Sustainability

Green Takeover partners with clients to produce climate awareness and hemp educational campaigns that increase engagement of decision makers, professional practitioners, and their surrounding ecosystems.


Education plants the seed of change. The complex nature of both climate change, and hemp, as well as the many intersections they each have across professions and industries, means we need quality crafted actionable education across the globe, and we need a lot of it.

 Amanda Gorman

 National Youth Poet Laureate

Green Takeover crafts campaigns targeting executives, professionals, educators, communities, and those who advise them. Prioritizing the 3 pillars driving our pivot to green; regenerative agriculture, STEM, and entrepreneurship. We deliver actionable-education rooted in practicality. 

We  take a collaborative approach by working with multilateral institutions, collaborating with global think tanks and NGOs, and engaging academic institutions on cross pollination of knowledge.

Together we craft campaigns that raise actionable awareness, shift opinions, change behaviors, and merge markets.

Hi, I'm Hebah.

I help eco-visionaries craft actionable climate awareness campaigns, and educate audiences on industrial hemp’s vast economic potential and extensive environmental benefits to enhance and accelerate climate action. 

As a certified Project Management Professional, I've spent more than 7,500 hours directing projects that educate and inform audiences in a way that simplifies science, stimulates inspiration, and delivers long lasting value.

Green Takeover utilizes this expertise to enhance climate literacy and accelerate acceptance and understanding of industrial hemp's economic and environmental potential through adopting campaign tactics that provoke curiosity rather than merely project facts and figures.


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Design and launch collaborative awareness campaigns and educational programs that inform and activate audiences to take action towards sustainable practices, policies, and professions.


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Strengthen your climate literacy skills, explore industrial hemp in your profession, and learn why together, they're the real power couple of sustainability.

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