Preparing professionals to participate as engaged citizens in shaping climate resilient companies and green economies

For the first time in history we can see the impact of climate change.


If we better understand the threats we face, what those threats look like, and the reasons they're happening, we believe people will be inspired to take action. 


What happens today and in the next few years will affect what will happen in the next thousand years.


There’s still time..

But there isn’t much time left.

> Have confident conversations about climate change and the human actions causing it

> Know what changes to make in your way of living and consumption habits to reduce your impact

> Recognize industrial hemp’s versatile applications as an accelerator towards a green economy

> Learn where and how climate action and hemp apply to your profession and industry

Cracked Earth
It's happening in your world.
It's happening in my world.
We need to WAKE UP.
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Build your greenprint into your business plan.

Every choice has a green print . A series of choices and actions that we collectively, individually, and habitually adopted over the past century have led to the climate crisis we are experiencing.

We serve entrepreneurs through offering basic climate literacy and hemp education, and simplifying the shift to sustainable businesses by providing access to practical knowledge and accessible networks.

Working backwards from your vision and desired impact, we help you map out possible paths and required resources then teach you how to bring the pieces together into a cohesive business plan.

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Invest in sustainability, and life on Earth.

Investing in sustainability is investing in employees, in company infrastructures, and in redesigning how and what we build with.

Going green can lead to significant cost savings in operating costs, increased productivity, and builds social equity with customers leading to increased revenue.

Be ahead of the curve by educating yourself on the science, history, and facts, and take a step towards learning hemp’s technical uses in your industry and profession.

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Prepare graduates for a green workforce.

The Institute for the Future predicted that 85% of the jobs that today’s students will do in 2030 don’t exist yet.

Arming graduates with knowledge about climate change and hands-on skills working with hemp materials in their future professions.

Collaborating with curriculum experts and industry professionals to devise, craft and deliver professional and university level programs.


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