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Power Up Your 
Climate Leadership

Green Takeover helps multinationals strengthen their climate foundation and drive collaborative action.

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As a multinational organization, you play a critical role in fighting climate change.

To make an impact, you need a strong foundation to support your climate leadership goals.

Enhance your team's climate expertise and leadership skills

Drive impactful change that aligns with your sustainability objectives

Maximize your organization's impact by creating a culture of sustainability that engages and inspires your employees

Our Approach




Create a common language and recognize Carbon Literacy as a core competency for business success.



Unite communities around practical collective action. Engaging teams, customers, board members, and vendors too to reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.



Support an informed and inspired ecosystem with relevant tools to begin action.

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Green Takeover is an

education-to-action social enterprise preparing professional teams for success in the emerging green economy.

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What we do



Carbon Literacy Certifications

Infuse foundational knowledge that creates a common language and recognizes Carbon Literacy as a core competency for business success in our changing world.



The Climate


Engage your team in a series of carefully designed games to learn about the latest climate science, explore the impact of climate change on our planet, and discover practical solutions for reducing our carbon footprint.



Customized Takeover Toolkits

Our toolkits are designed to help multinational teams take action on climate change by providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to implement sustainable practices. 

Carbon Literacy Certifications

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Get individual and organizational certifications to boost your team's knowledge and commitment to sustainability. Our certification training provide tools to identify ways to reduce emissions in from a professional and organizational lens.

Invest in Carbon Literacy Certifications today to show your commitment to taking action on climate change.

Certified Carbon Literate Organizations

Being a Certified Carbon Literate Organization (CLO) is a statement of commitment to climate education and action, as well as a complementary asset to enhance corporate sustainability goals and net zero targets and initiatives.

The CLO Journey is Bronze, Silver, Gold, and then Platinum.

Green Takeover Carbon Literate Organization, Bronze Certification

Certified Carbon Literate Professionals

After completing a full day worth of learning, participants leave with a working knowledge of the environmental, social, and economical costs of GHG emissions, and are equipped to engage stakeholders in conversations and initiate solutions around sustainability and net zero targets. 

The Climate PlayLab

An immersive and engaging 4-hour activation event expertly designed to challenge and inspire participants to make climate conversations both relevant, actionable, and fun.

The Climate PlayLab makes climate conversations relevant and personal. It empowers participants to take action within their position, profession, and sphere of influence.


Whether you're looking to engage your team in a retreat or team-building activity, the Climate PlayLab offers an interactive and enjoyable way to learn about the urgent issue of climate action.

Takeover Toolkits

Our comprehensive toolkits are designed with the specific needs of multinational teams in mind. 


Takeover toolkits provide a wide range of resources and guidance to assist in the implementation of sustainable practices that are tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each team.

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Our Experience

Brands we worked with along the way

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Community System Navigators
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The British Embassy
Prince Sultan University
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