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Green Takeover is building the world's largest collective for climate action

Our mission: Increase global climate literacy and inspire action using hemp as a catalyst for a green economy

Over 77% of people are actively seeking to learn more about climate change, driven by the urgent need to understand its global effects and prepare for the upcoming growth in green jobs.


Pearson Global Learner Survey

To make a significant change, we need millions of people taking action, even if it's imperfect. ​And action begins with awareness.

Understanding the question properly is half the solution.

Green Takeover exists to focus on the information to action loop. We work with professional teams to help them fully understand the question climate action seeks to solve in their sector, then arm them with tools and resources to take action that is relevant to them

Our Approach: Engage your full ecosystem

InformInspire. Ignite.

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Our mission helps address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4.7: “By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles ...”

Goal 13.3: “Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning...”

Our Philosophy

Green Takeover's Path to Collective Climate Action

We believe in uniting communities through sparking curiosity instead of burying them in information. In inspiring people through levity instead of instigating fear. And in igniting change from within instead of dictating actions.

We believe that despite the burdensome heavy nature of the topic, climate conversations can be happy

Our approach is rooted in questioning and conversation, we welcome skeptics and optimists, bring us your critiques and doubts. We are navigating this changing world together, and we need a space for authentic dialogue that sparks genuine curiosity and action. 

We don’t paint a rosy future of rainbows and butterflies, we’re driven by a vision of sustainability yet grounded in realism and bottom-line practicality.

We also don’t believe that the planet needs us to save it. The planet will be just fine once we leave her alone. We do believe though that we need to take immediate action so that we can continue to have access to basic requirements of life - clean water, affordable food, and safe(er) homes in the coming years.

We know that going green is good business sense, and that every job is a climate job, and we want to show you why, then help you in transitioning to a more sustainable strategy and operation. 


Join us on this journey. And most importantly, share with us and the community what you are thinking. You'd be surprised at the degree of collective illusion that exists. How wrong our perceptions of others are, especially in the climate arena. 

We're happy you're here.


Cheers to a greener future,

Hebah Saddique, PMP

Founder & CEO

Image by Shane Rounce

Partner with us

It doesn't take a village - it takes a globe.

Let's work together to inform, inspire, and ignite collective action.

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