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Carbon Literacy
The Language of Collective Climate Action

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Picture a workforce that's supercharged with skills and enthusiasm to tackle climate action head on.

With Carbon Literacy, your team is equipped to do just that.
Today, over 75,000 individuals from over 6,000 organizations are Certified Carbon Literate - join them.
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What is Carbon Literacy?

“An awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organizational basis.”


The Carbon Literacy Project

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Why get Certified?

Carbon Literacy is a
low-cost and high-impact solution to accelerate and enhance your existing and new sustainability initiatives.


Boost your team's knowledge and commitment to sustainability. Create a common language and recognize Carbon Literacy as a core competency for business success.

The certification program offers a day’s worth of Carbon Literacy learning, covering – climate change, carbon footprints, how you can do your bit, and why it’s relevant to you and your audience.

Global Standards. Localized Learning.

Aligned with the Carbon Literacy Learning Standards and tailored to your team's region for targeted climate education. Our courses and resources address the specific environmental issues, regulations, and opportunities in your area.

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Certification Types

Take it a step further and customize your learning:


Make it Sector Specific

 With our sector customization, organization branding, in-house program, and sector training toolkit options, you can create a learning experience that is truly personalized. See the sectors we serve here.


Infuse Your Brand Values

Aligning course content with your organizational emission targets. Integrating relevant sustainability targets, initiatives and policies into the course components and activities. 


Take the Lead in Training Your Sector

Setting you up to take the lead in training and certifying this sector in your region. Designing, developing, and delivering an organization branded, sector specific course and materials that can be tailored for each training audience.

Sectors we Serve

Unlock the power of customized climate education designed specifically for your sector. This includes sector-specific statistics on emissions sources, emerging best practices, successful case studies, customized activities, and curated action tools.


Ready to get started?

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