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Imagine organization-wide engagement  in climate solutions.

The Climate PlayLab can help you do that
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Expertly designed to engage and inspire participants to make climate conversations both relevant, actionable, and fun.

Why experience the

Climate PlayLab?

The Climate PlayLab uses interactive games, puzzles, and entertaining challenges to inform and inspire participants about climate action, while also promoting team-building and fostering a culture of sustainability within your organization. The experience is also designed to deepen participant understanding of collective climate action.

Which topics does the experience cover?

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Net Zero

  • Carbon Footprints

  • Circular Economy

  • The Business Case

  • Eco-anxiety

  • Communicating climate

  • The Need for Collaboration

What does the Climate PlayLab do?

Play is a proven way to foster team-building. Specifically:

  • Raise climate relevance and awareness

  • Educate about the impact of climate action

  • Engage teams in collective problem-solving

  • Highlight actions that can reduce professional carbon footprints

Who is the experience designed for?

From Chief Executives to College interns. The experience structure and activities are designed to be adaptable and relevant to each participant, and relevant to all professions including marketers, engineers, accountants, sustainability professionals, sales professionals, and more.

After the experience...

Participants leave feeling energized, inspired, and empowered. Equipped with new perspectives and a sense of collective purpose towards collaborative action.


Whether that be in a department, as a committee member, on a specific project​, or organization-wide initiatives.

Image by Erik Mclean


Bring The Climate PlayLab to your organization

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