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Imagine organization-wide engagement  in climate solutions.

The Climate PlayLab can help you do that
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The Climate PlayLab is an essential organizational climate activation event that is sure to inspire and motivate individuals to take meaningful action towards a greener economy.

An immersive climate activation experience for your organization.

The Climate PlayLab is a four-hour event that uses games, puzzles, and entertaining challenges to inform and inspire participants about climate action, while also promoting team-building and fostering a culture of sustainability within your organization.

Suitable for employees at all levels; C-suite executives, management, and professional teams.

What does the Climate PlayLab do?

  • Raise climate relevance and awareness

  • Educate about the impact of climate action

  • Engage teams in collective problem-solving

  • Highlight actions that can reduce professional carbon footprints

Structured around a series of interactive dynamic games and activities, the experience is designed to foster team-building as well as deepen participant understanding of collective climate action

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Attendees experience and explore the various ways in which climate change can be combatted. Players will need to collaborate and use their unique skills and knowledge to achieve a positive impact on the environment, while keeping an eye out on the bottom line. Through this game, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the complex and interconnected nature of climate action. 


Puzzle-solving activities that challenge attendees to think critically about climate action and its impacts. These activities are designed to encourage participants to work together and to develop practical solutions to the challenges posed by climate action.


Discussion and dialogue games that allow attendees to reflect on their experiences and to share their insights with one another. These games are designed to create a space for open conversations about the climate and foster a sense of community that encourages participants to think creatively about personal and collaborative action.

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Who is it for?

From Chief Executives to College interns. The experience structure and activities are designed to be adaptable and relevant to each participant.

Marketeers, event managers, sustainability professionals, accountants, engineers, designers, lawyers, facility managers, project managers, educators, data scientists, sales professionals, policy advisors, and, and, and…

After the experience...

Participants leave feeling energized, inspired, and empowered. Equipped with new perspectives and a sense of collective purpose towards collaborative action.


Whether that be in a department, as a committee member, on a specific project​, or organization-wide initiatives.

The Climate PlayLab's gamified approach engages and challenges a mature audience to immerse themselves in innovating solutions to complex climate challenges

The Climate PlayLab

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The Climate PlayLab


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