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Promoting collective action begins with embracing it. These partnerships represent our dedication to driving impactful change through working together.

The Co-lab

A Collective for the Carbon Literate

“A truthful disagreement is always better than a collective illusion." Todd Rose 

Embrace the power of raw expression as we challenge conventional narratives and explore practical solutions.

Green Takeover and In Good company joined forces to bring you an exclusive monthly experience designed for individuals who hold a Carbon Literacy Certification and are seeking a community to sustain their knowledge and enthusiasm towards taking action.

It is particularly useful for those who feel informed and inspired to act, yet find themselves stalled at the ignition stage. Professionals, students, community leaders, and individuals from various fields with an interest in sustainability and questions about climate action are all encouraged to attend.

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AI for Climate Action

Green Takeover and Omdena have launched an innovative initiative to raise awareness about the role of AI in climate action.

AI4CA offers a free 60-minute one-on-one training session designed to empower individuals and organizations to use Artificial Intelligence to improve their climate action strategies and operations. The aim of AI4CA is to nurture tech-savvy, climate-conscious professionals within each organization eager to find feasible ways to enhance efficiency and minimize carbon footprints from the perspective of their sector. Regardless of whether you work for a multinational company, a non-profit organization, or an academic institution, AI can contribute to your climate strategy.

CarbonLit Campus

Students for a Carbon Literate Campus

Educate and empower students about the impacts of carbon emissions on our environment and economy.

By fostering a deep understanding of greenhouse gas emission sources and sinks, it encourages students to take actionable steps towards reducing their carbon footprint from the lens of their discipline, and to explore how climate action influences their future career.
encouraging authentic dialogue around climate matters and a series of workshops ,meetups, and activities, our initiative seeks to help you transform your campus into a model of carbon literacy, recognizing it as a core competency in our evolving job market. leading the way in sustainable education.

Student Organizations at colleges and universities are encouraged to register as a chapter on your campus. If you’re interested reach out to learn more.

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Want to join forces?

Let's talk synergies

Contact us to explore potential synergies and collaboration opportunities our partnership could provide. We're ready to merge our skills for mutual progress and collective success.

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