Management Consulting

Addressing problems internally can be challenging. Green Takeover can provide honest, impartial assessments of your people, organization, and finances to give you a fresh perspective and help you make the best choices for your business. 

Whether you’re not sure what the real issues are or you've tried to solve the issues previously and not had the result you wanted, Green Takeover can help tackle long standing performance problems so you finally get them resolved, and freed to focus on other areas of your organization.

Green Takeover brings functional expertise and a holistic perspective to each engagement that pinpoints bottlenecks and provides you with clear assessments and solutions that help you make smart strategic decisions.

Sometimes, it’s about bringing all the right ingredients into the perfect recipe. 

Working with Green Takeover we can help you capture value across boundaries, integrate divisional goals and operating requirements in a streamlined way that feeds your cohesive business goals.


Crossing siloed knowledge, sparking conversations across disciplines, and exchanging deep expertise that allows for creative and radical solutions.

We help you strengthen the connection between operations and strategy.

  • Pinpointing & unblocking bottlenecks

  • Cross-department workflow integration

  • Streamlining your operation

  • Strategically solving your pain points

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