Project Management

Every change starts with a project, and implementing it, is no simple task.

Our full range project management services have you covered from inception to completion, and even include full-on project rescue.

Whether you’re at the concept phase or ready to implement, Green Takeover has extensive expertise to anticipate, proactively mitigate, and react to any potential problems before they arise.


We bring value to our clients by aligning everyone on the project around a common goal and being able to address the changing needs of the project throughout its life.

Have a project that’s gone off the rails?

Green Takeover can step in to bring it back on track. We dive deep to understand our client's objectives, and swiftly take the reins to minimize risks and optimize delivery.

Project success can only be achieved through effective project management, because there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to projects.


We understand each clients’ needs vary from the other; we’re continually evaluating and balancing conflicting requirements to achieve our clients’ goals in the most efficient way that delivers results.

Also, Program Management

Have a variety of projects that are working towards a single objective or interlinked projects with multiple outcomes?


Green Takeover can help you achieve desired impacts by effectively managing project interdependencies, multiple and diverse stakeholders, and competing project needs.

With Green Takeover as your implementation partner, you can rest assured you are achieving quality execution and maximising returns on your investment.

We have a wealth of experience helping clients to strategize, implement and deliver successful projects including...

  • Digital Media Production

  • Digital Exhibits & Interactive Storytelling

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • Social & Educational Programs

  • Climate Action Initiatives

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