Sustainability Programs

Investing in sustainability is investing in employees, in company infrastructures, and in redesigning how and what we build with.

Going green can lead to significant cost savings in operating costs, increased productivity, and builds social equity with customers leading to increased revenue.

At Green Takeover we help you release a green mindset & make it a key strand in your company’s DNA.

Our approach starts with incorporating sustainability into your core business strategy so it advances your mission, and is future-proof. 

We then align programs and operations with your sustainability strategy for a seamless integration that makes business sense and advances your triple bottom line; profits, people, and planet.

A 360 Approach

Working with Green Takeover helps you facilitate solutions that synthesize experts in climate change, sustainable design, and environmental engineering to accelerate growth of your green ecosystems.


We can also work with your business on decreasing environmental waste through adopting a plastics reduction and circular strategy.

Let us know what you want to explore...

  • Designing Environmental Programs

  • Training Executives 

  • Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

  • Plastic Replacements & Circular Design

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