Campaigns for our Climate

Ready to launch a bold climate awareness initiative throughout your company? your city? or across the globe?

Work with us to devise custom campaigns that resonate with your target and inspire them to take action. Climate change is a science heavy topic with multi-layered implications that leave many sad of its consequences yet not sure how they can personally make a difference within their sphere of influence. We'll help you create a campaign that makes it relevant, relatable, digestible, and actionable. 

Want to break the stigma linking hemp to marijuana, and appropriately link it instead to regenerative agriculture and sustainability?  

Work with us to devise data-driven campaigns that demonstrate hemp's tremendous economic potentials in job creation, food security, and its vast applications as a biodegradable material for use in construction and manufacturing.  We'll help you highlight the non-CBD benefits and compounded gains of industrial hemp to policy makers, investors, and professionals.


Our full range project management services have you covered from inception to completion, and even include full-on project rescue

Whether you’re at the concept phase or ready to implement, Green Takeover has extensive expertise to anticipate, proactively mitigate, and react to any potential problems before they arise.


We bring value to our clients by aligning everyone on the project around a common goal and being able to address the changing needs of the project throughout its life.


We can help you

  • Design a campaign to help you achieve a business goal

  • Develop the campaign or project strategy

  • Provide creative concepts

  • Plan requirements and secure them

  • Build out the campaign assets

  • Build partnerships

  • Serve as your implementation partner

Project success can only be achieved through effective project management, because there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to projects.


We understand each clients’ needs vary from the other; we’re continually evaluating and balancing conflicting requirements to achieve our clients’ goals in the most efficient way that delivers results.

We're you're campaign architects

Orchestrating teams of talented artists, intelligent experts, and diligent scientists to produce powerful campaigns that speak to the hearts and minds of your audience.

Work with us to produce...

  • Digital Media Content

  • Digital & Physical Exhibits

  • Experiential & Interactive Storytelling

  • Awareness Campaigns

  • Social & Educational Programs

  • Executive & Employee Programs

  • Customized Courses and Workshops

  • Educational Platforms

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